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17 Mar 4 Simple Steps Towards an EPIC Vacation

4 Simple Steps Towards an EPIC Vacation 1. No crew? No Problem! Joining a travel group means you always have someone to travel with. You won't have to cancel your trip because your friends backed out at the last minute, or no one has the money to go anywhere. With a travel group, you'll always have someone to go with, New Stamps Travel Group even offers roommate matching. Plus, when your friends who backed out see your travel pics and ask you why you always leave them behind you can give them Nene shade! via GIPHY 2. You'll get to see the world! If you...

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20 Jul Passport ready and nowhere to go

Once you get the travel bug, it's quite like an addiction to crave new places and new passport stamps. You want to jump at every chance to get to a new part of the world, but it's not always so simple. Sometimes the hardest part about feeding your travel addiction is finding someone to go with. Of course you can pack your bags and go alone, but some trips are more fun when you have someone to share them with. Times like these are when belonging to an annual travel group comes in handy. Annual travel groups typically host at least 1...

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